Join 30+ indigenous wisdom-keepers, green pioneers, innovators, activists, scientists, artists and visionaries –
to awaken humanity for a healthy, sustainable and thriving planet.

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  • “Our Home in the Universe” with Konda Mason, Drew Dellinger & Brian Swimme
  • “The Broken Heart of the Economic System: From Greed to Sacred Relationship” with Larry Merculieff, Rha Goddess & Charles Eisenstein
Notable Speakers:
Charles Eisenstein
Writer, Speaker, Story-teller
Chief Phil Lane, Jr.
Leader in Human and Community Development, Chairman of the Four Worlds International Institute (FWII)
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Social Innovator, Speaker, Author, Educator & Leader in the New Worldview of Conscious Evolution
Kevin Danaher
Author, Speaker, Co-Founder of Global Exchange
Faith Spotted Eagle
Founding Grandmother of the Brave Heart Society
Drew Dellinger
Founder of Planetize the Movement, Teacher, Poet, Writer
Matthew Fox
Theologian, Author, Professor, Scholar, Worship Leader
Ashara Ekundayo
Chief Creative Officer at Impact Hub Oakland
Kenny Ausubel
Co-Founder and CEO of Bioneers, Social Entrepreneur
Rha Goddess
Artist, Activist, CEO Move The Crowd
Andrew Harvey
Founder of the Institute of Sacred Activism, Author, Teacher, Mystic Scholar
Gary Malkin
Award Winning Composer of Music for Health and Wellness
Anodea Judith
Founder of Sacred Center, Yoga Teacher, Psychologist, Author
Brian Swimme
Director of Center for the Story of the Universe, Professor, Author
Randy Hayes
Ecological Advocate, Executive Director at Foundation Earth
Mathis Wackernagel
President of Global Footprint Network and Pedal-Powered Sustainability Advocate
Steven Motenko
Director of Operations at Sustainable World Coalition, Personal Coach, Leadership Trainer, Journalist, Musician
Larry Merculieff
President of Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways, Consultant of Seven Generations Consulting
Konda Mason
Co-Founder and CEO of Impact Hub Oakland, Facilitator Trainer for Pachamama Alliance, Eco Amazon Tour Guide
Sacha Stone
New Earth and Humanitad Founder
Bill Plotkin
Founder of Animas Valley Institute, Depth Psychologist, Wilderness Guide, Author
Makuini Ruth Tai
Maori Spirit Guide
Esperide Ananas
Speaker and writer, Damanhur spiritual healer, Selfic science researcher
Rani Findlay
Certified LIfe-Cycle Celebrant®, Co-founder For A Tree Initiative
Rachel Bublitz
Playwright, Founder of 31 Plays in 31 Days Project
Neal Rogin
Filmmaker, Communications Director for The Pachamama Alliance
Tat OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez
Mayan Spiritual Teacher (KamalBey)
Xiuhtezcatl Martinez
Indigenous Environmental Activist, Hip-Hop Artist, Youth Director of Earth Guardians
Elisabet Sahtouris
Renowned Scientist, Speaker, Author of Biology Revisioned
Itzcuauhtli Martinez
Indigenous Environmental Activist, Hip-Hop Artist, Assistant Youth Director of Earth Guardians
Michael Fried
Co-Founder and Artistic Executive Producer of Planet Earth Arts
Deborah McNamara
Director of Organizational Partnerships for Northwest Earth Institute
Nikki Silvestri
CEO of Silvestri Strategies
Marissa Mommaerts
Communications Manager of Transition US and Post Carbon Institute

In these times, an overwhelming number of crises imperil our world – from extinction of species, to toxic chemicals in our products, to bloodshed over natural resources. And because we’re in this precarious choice point in our collective evolution, it’s more crucial than ever that we are fully educated about the critical issues that impact life on this planet. Not only that... we have to learn how to generate creative solutions and take informed action. And we each must elevate our personal relationship with the environment.

This is where The Earth Day Summit comes in! Each April 22, you can join top experts from around the globe who offer true inspiration and wise guidance to help you create a deeper connection with a sacred, living Earth and truly “become the change” you want to see in the world. Get ready to experience the beauty and interconnectedness of all life – and revel in all that is exciting and possible in this new era of sustainability.

You’ll be enlightened and engaged by the innovative solutions and practices offered by leading sustainability experts and visionaries. You’ll be inspired by stories of transformation and forward momentum, as well as uplifted by soul-stirring music and poetry.

Additionally, like weaving a tapestry with an elegant pattern, some of the themes explored are introduced by indigenous leaders with insightful teachings and evocative invocational readings – to support you in receiving each session at a deeper heart level.

In The Earth Day Summit series, you’ll discover:

  • How the Earth is alive and how that impacts who we are and our sense of purpose
  • How we can look to the natural world for guidance in these challenging times
  • The wisdom that indigenous elders have for us at this critical time
  • What humanity is evolving into as a planetary species
  • How the natural world reveals the secret to successful and sustainable economic models
  • What gives us cause for hope, given the daunting chaos of our time

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Honor Our Mother Earth

With The Earth Day Summit, you’ll truly honor your interconnection with our beloved Mother Earth, so that you can embrace a sustainable lifestyle with more ease and grace. And you’ll receive potent insights and inspiration, so you’ll have the regenerative energy and passion to be empowered to take actions on the environmental issues you most care about.

Additionally, through a deepening program this summit will inspire transformation the indigenous way – through ceremony.

With The Earth Day Summit series, you’ll also:

  • Embrace ancient teachings to guide us all into the future.
  • Foster your own evolution to support the evolution of the planet.
  • Develop your ability to communicate with the natural world.
  • Cultivate a life that honors the sacredness of the Earth.
  • Deepen your connection to Gaia and to yourself.
  • Explore the roots of the world's challenges to discover the solutions.
  • Understand how the chaos around you is the birthing ground of a
    new world.
  • Learn how the balance of the feminine and masculine in yourself and in our world is critical to our survival.
  • Experience how ceremony and prayer are keys to a new Earth.
  • Grasp the importance of healthy communities for a healthy planet.

Whether you would like to experience a more sacred connection with nature, desire a more eco-friendly home or want to be part of bold initiatives to reforest the entire planet, you won’t want to miss The Earth Day Summit where you’ll join a growing global community of people like you who are coming together with the intention of fostering a thriving new world!

So, get ready to learn, honor and connect in oneness – so you’re inspired and energized to turn crises into creative solutions and co-create a truly sustainable way of life on this planet.

You Are the Next Wave of Sustainability

The Earth Day Summit will engage you fully in what world-renowned ecologist Joanna Macy calls “The Great Turning... the essential adventure of our time: the shift from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization.”

It’s the expression of a world movement. We’ll go so far as to say it is the expression of the ideas and guidance from Planet Earth. And this next wave will be led by top indigenous wisdom-keepers, ecologists, activists, visionaries, scientists, sustainability experts... and YOU.

For All Levels

Whatever your level or flavor of involvement in the sustainability movement, The Earth Day Summit series can help you go to the next level – to help you discover the wisdom, interconnection and innovative solutions we need to honor this beautiful, ever-evolving planet.

If you’re new to environmental issues, it will help put you on the path to a more sustainable lifestyle. And if you’re dedicated to the work of a nonprofit, you’ll connect with fresh ideas and inspiration to unleash your powerful human potential in a way that provides soul-powered, sustainable answers to our global issues.

With guidance from the top experts in the world, there’s no way you can’t come away from The Earth Day Summit series deeply inspired, transformed – and part of the solution.

Please join us in our celebration of Mother Earth – and find out what you can do to help co-create a thriving planet that leaves a legacy of good for generations to come.

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